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The CBS program is a community owned support program focused on providing breastfeeding peer support to new mothers. These new mothers are supported from pregnancy and beyond by women with experience and training in supporting breastfeeding women.

We encourage informed deicisions in regards to breastfeeding. We also encourage a comfortable and relaxed breastfeeding relationship with your infant - without judgement from others.

Other features of C.B.S:

* Fortnightly social meetings that other new and experienced breastfeeding mothers attend.

* A hire system for products that promote the breastfeeding relationship

* Acess to a lactation Consultant on a regular basis (fortnightly)

C.B.S does NOT offer medical advice. We encourage every mother to seek professional advice from her midvife, child health nurse, laction consultant, and GP.

Why is C.B.S needed:

Unfortunatly in our modern society breastfeeding is still facing adversity. While most women are aware of the health benifits of breastfeeding sometimes the challenges a new mother faces can be overwhelming.

It is important that mothers have an environment and community in which their emotional needs in regards to breastfeeding are supportively met.

C.B.S volunteers are dedicated to providing this type of support to new mothers and their families.

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